Timeline 11th F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix

February 7th Registration Opens
March 27th -
1 pm ET
7 pm CET
Orientation 1 (Online Meeting)
Meeting Link
Demonstrate expectations, provision of simulation environment, prospective participants can ask questions
Meeting Slides
April 22nd -
5:59 pm ET
11:59 pm CET
Registration closes
April 24th -
1 pm ET
7 pm CET
Orientation 2 (Online Meeting)
Meeting Link
Online, Introduction of all teams, Competition Style overview, Track overview for in-person competition
Meeting Slides
May 9th Video Submission: Demonstrate Driving with F1TENTH car
May 28th Track Setup
Discussion with teams about F1TENTH competition
May 29th Teams Training
All Teams can use the racetrack the whole day
May 30th Qualification Session
May 31st Race day (09:00 BST)
Award Ceremony
June 1st Slack time, Race day continued only if necessary.